Mental Health Assistance

You are not alone

Grace Group Ministries

The Grace Group ministries acknowledges Jesus Christ as the source of healing grace, but also gives practical support to people living with mental health difficulties or disorders, and their families. Each Sunday, the groups learn practical skills and tools that encourage whole-health recovery, and support each other in prayer in a Christ-centered environment.

Living & Family Grace Groups

Family Grace Group is a group that provides support and encouragement for people with family members or friends going through mental illness. The faith-based curriculum gives practical skills and a clear focus on God’s Word to help cope with the difficulties they’re facing.
Living Grace Group is a group that provides hope and encouragement for one another’s mental health journey by cultivating a healthy heart and mind through the use of scripture and practical tools.

Are you experiencing a mental health challenge, or do you want to support a loved one, but aren’t sure how?

Our Grace Groups are back in session!

Living and Family Grace groups alternate meeting every other week at The Harbor Church and all conversations are kept in strict confidence.

Time: 9:45am-11:15am.

Location: The Prayer Room

Do you have questions? If you’d rather contact one of the facilitators directly, you can email Chris Keefe ([email protected]) or Brian and Carol Nelle ([email protected]). 

For more information about the curriculum, please visit Mental Health Grace Alliance.