Becoming a member of The Harbor Church

Becoming a member of The Harbor Church means that you are not just attending our church, but that you are actually a part of our church. It means you belong. It means that you are not on the outside looking in, but rather a real, active, and valued member of our loving, caring, and safe church family. Beyond that, it means that you agree with our teaching, that you are committed to using your gifts, talents, and resources to see our church flourish and grow, and that you identify The Harbor Church as your church home.

If you have been attending our church worship services for at least three weeks, we encourage you to pursue becoming a church member. To get things started, just follow the two steps below.

Once you have completed the above two steps, you will be contacted to set up an encouraging meeting with two of our Elders. During this meeting you can ask questions to find out more about our church and the benefits of being a church member. 

Step 1: Read our key church documents.

Step 2: Fill out a membership application below.