Life Groups

Doing Life Together

While attending one of our Sunday morning worship services is great, Life Groups provide the opportunity for you to significantly grow in your faith by building friendships and spending time with others who also want to experience the richness of their walk with Jesus.

Life Groups are small groups within our larger church in which people connect and do life together. We believe that the relationships that are formed by being part of a Life Group are an important part of how God helps us grow in our faith.

Joining a Life Group will give you the opportunity to enhance your faith as you:

-Discover and apply biblical truths from God’s Word

-Pray and be supported in prayer

-Enjoy eating meals and drinking coffee together

-Show the practical love of Jesus as you serve in community projects

Each Life Group is encouraged to meet together in homes at least every other week, hangout together monthly, and serve together quarterly. To make it easy for you to be part of a Life Group, we even have one Life Group that meets on Sunday mornings at church at 9:50am as well as five Life Groups that meet during the week at various times, days and geographic locations during the week.

If you want to connect to others in our church and really grow in your faith, we encourage you to check out the Life Group that meets nearest you by looking at the list below. Contact the group leader to let them know you're coming!

Weeknight Life Groups

CHARLESTOWN – Fontenault Life Group

Hosts: Jeremy & Jill Fontenault

Day & Time: Meets every Wednesday night @ 7:00pm

Contact: [email protected]


EXETER – Brown Life Group

Hosts: Dave & Lisa Brown

Location: Exeter

Day & Time: Meets every other Tuesday night @ 7:00pm

Contact: [email protected]


NARRAGANSETT – Demty Life Group

Hosts: Paul and Deb Demty

Day & Time: Meets every other Friday night @ 7:00pm

Contact :[email protected]


WEST KINGSTON – Parsonage Life Group

Hosts: Pastor Keith & Ruth

Day & Time: Meets every other Tuesday night @ 7:00pm

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Sunday Morning Life Group

THE HARBOR CHURCH – Whitley Life Group

Hosts: Harvey & Doris Whitley

Day & Time: Meets every Sunday morning @ 945am

Contact: [email protected]

Sunday Afternoon Life Group

RANDOM COFFEE SHOPS  – “Z-Life” Group (Gen Z – 18 to 23 yrs. old)

Facilitator: Guy Daniels

Day & Time: Meets every Sunday afternoon @ 1:00pm

Contact: Text: 401.451.4509

Sunday Evening Life Group

FLOATING LOCATION – Millennial Life Group

Hosts: Joe & Ali Schrader

Day & Time: Meets on various Sunday evenings.

Contact: [email protected]