College & Early Career Life Group


Refresh is a college and early career group that meets in the Cafe of The Harbor Church.

We are a mix of students (undergraduate and graduate) from colleges including URI, RIC, and CCRI, as well as recent graduates who are early in their careers. From different parts of the state, each of us has been called to come together in fellowship to enjoy time spent together learning more about God and our relationship with him. 


We meet on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 9pm.

A typical meeting includes dinner, worship, Bible study, and prayer together. Worship and Bible study usually start a little after 7:45, with prayer together closing out close to 9pm.

Should I come? Even if I don’t know much about faith?

Yes!!! All are welcome and encouraged to join, regardless of what background you come from or how much you know about the Bible or faith. One of the aims of the group is to grow in understanding of God’s word and how we can seek God and learn more about him.

Are there events outside of just Tuesday nights?

Yes! We have gone camping, hiked mountains, parties, and many other activities!