Say hello to the leadership team at The Harbor Church

Meet our leadership

Keith Mlyniec - Lead Pastor

Keith Mlyniec is our lead pastor. As the drive and point person behind our church’s growth, he has the vision and passion to see our church grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as impact our community in practical and creative ways so that the kingdom of God may expand.


Pastor Keith came to faith in his sophomore year at the University of Rhode Island. He has been married to Ruth (his college sweetheart) for fourty-one. They have three children and nine grandchildren. He has attended the University of Rhode Island, the University of Maine, and the Seminary of the East. He and his family were involved in a church planting effort in Iceland for ten years. His interests include global travel, playing second base on the church softball team, fitness (he’s at the gym five days a week), and gardening – watch out for his scorching-hot Thai red peppers!

Ruth Mlyniec - Pastor's Wife

Ruth Mlyniec is the pastor’s wife whose main role is to be a support and encouragement to her husband, Pastor Keith. Together they serve in areas of visiting and counseling. Beyond that, she’s also involved in leading women’s ministries, the creative arts ministry, and the VBS summer children’s ministry. As “Amma Ruth,” she loves leading Amma’s Storytime (our weekly preschool story hour).


Ruth holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science from URI, as well as a Certificate of Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. Her passion now is to share the love of Christ through teaching and encouragement, to help others find their role in ministry, and to be an example for the coming generation. Ruth interests include a good cup of coffee, photography, her art & flower garden, and visits from her grown kids and nine grandkids. 

Justin Heim - Family Pastor

Justin Heim is our family pastor. He is the head and lead support of our children, youth and family ministries. Justin is passionate about guiding families in the Biblical upbringing of their children, parenting support and connecting our youth into the Church body.

Justin is a graduate from Elim Bible College and NYACK College with degrees in Biblical Studies, Youth Ministry and Organizational Management. His passion for youth ministry started as a teenager and has continued into adulthood. He has served as a youth pastor in various churches across New England and the Mid-Atlantic. He's lead countless youth camps, mission trips, VBS events and the like. One of his favorite Bible verses and ministry motto is Malachi 4:6 "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers."

Justin has been married almost 20 years to Rebecca (his college sweetheart). They have 3 biological children and are also licensed foster parents, having many other children living with them over the past years. Justin has this past year taken up running, currently training for his first half marathon. He also loves Buffalo Bills football and the Yankees. He manages his son's little league teams and plays on the church softball team.

Rebecca Heim - Office Manager, Missions Chair

Rebecca Heim is our office manager and missions chair here at The Harbor Church. Her role includes collaborating with the different leadership teams to provide support, managing church wide communication, essential to meeting the needs of the ministry and church. She also chairs the Missions Committee. Rebecca is a graduate of Elim Bible College with a Major in Ministry and minor in Missions. She has 15+ years of office experience as well as serving overseas in different missions capacities.

Rebecca is married to Justin Heim, our family pastor. They are approaching 20 years of marriage. They have 3 biological children and are also licensed foster parents, having many other children living with them over the past years. Rebecca loves children and is active in our children's ministry, having been a preschool teacher for many years.

Harvey Whitley - Elder

Harvey Whitley is one of our shepherding elders. He has a heart to seek out those who are new to our church to provide encouragement and a sense of belonging. Harvey has the wide experience of having been a Gideon speaker, Billy Graham Crusade counselor, and baseball chaplain with the New York Yankee AA team.


Holding a Master of Divinity degree from the Seminary of the East, Harvey has a great grasp of the Scriptures and enjoys facilitating a morning men’s bible study and a Sunday morning Life Group. His interests include travel, photography, and daily prayer times with his wife Doris.



Joe Schrader - Worship Leader & Elder

Glenn Russell - Deacon Team Leader

Glenn is the organizational and vision leader of our team of deacons who help perform all of the maintenance and upgrades to the church facility as well as helping out in areas of service and need. You can find Glenn doing all sorts of things at church such as welcoming guests, counting cars in the parking lot, and anything else that make our worship services run smoothly.

Aside from his volunteer hours at the church, Glenn works as a software engineer for Hexagon Metrology which specializes in high precision measurement machines and software. Glenn is passionate about skiing, volleyball, and…apologetics! He and his wife Kathy have been married for 20 years and have two wonderful children.