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Our discipleship program has 16 blocks (topics), each with a set of tasks to complete. The goal is not to see how quickly you can check off 16 boxes (this is not a competition), but rather to see how well you can master each topic. The key is to learn the biblical basis of a block, be able to apply what you’ve learned by the aid of practical tasks, and then get to the point where you can pass along and train someone else (a new disciple) on that discipleship block. 


We highly recommend that you start with the first block on Faith. To do that click the faith link below.

For those of you who have extra passion (and time), please know that you can do more than one discipleship block at a time. 

Discipleship Partner

Discipleship is not something you do alone. Once you sign-up for our discipleship program, we’ll pair you with someone who can come alongside, give guidance and encourage you on your discipleship journey. 

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The 16 Building Blocks

Do you have questions? Click below to contact our discipleship faculty advisor.