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The Harbor Church Reopening Guidelines

The Harbor Church is now open!

Here’s what you need to know about attending The Harbor Church during the current RI Phase II guidelines.


1. Question: Is it safe for me to come back to church?

Answer: You will have to decide that for yourself. The Harbor Church is doing everything it can to abide by the RI Phase II guidelines for Religious and Faith-Based Organizations. However, if you feel that you are high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19 (including those over the age of 65), you may consider staying home and watching our live-stream service at 11:00am. 


2. Question: Will there be two Sunday morning worship services?

Answer: Yes, we have an 8:30am and 11:00am in-person worship service.


3. Question: Will there be a live-stream service for those not attending in-person church?

Answer: Yes, we continue to live-stream our 11:00am worship service on Facebook and YouTube. 


4. Question: How many people will be in church?

Answer: Under state guidelines, churches are now allowed to have 66% seating capacity. This means that at The Harbor Church we can now have 125 people attend each of our Sunday worship services.  

5. Question: Do I need a seat reservation to come to church?

Answer: No reservation necessary. Just come.


6. Question: Is there anything for children on Sundays? 

Answer: Currently there is no Kids Club or children’s church for the summer.. Also, be aware that there will be no space in the Harbor Café for families with small children to watch the service. Please note: We love your children! Our goal is to provide child-care and teaching for them during our Sunday morning services as soon as practically possible. 


7. Question: Do I have to wear a mask?

Answer: We ask that you wear a mask upon entering and exiting the church. Since our seating abides by 6-foot social distancing guidelines, its your discretion to wear the mask while seated. We also ask that you wear a mask during all greeting times.

8. Question: Will people on the stage (the worship team and pastor) be wearing a mask?

Answer: Everyone on stage will be more than 17 feet from the first row of chairs, so a mask will not be required while singing or preaching from the stage. 


9. Question: Will I have to sit six feet away from everyone else?

Answer: According to the Phase II guidelines, all individuals that are not within the same household must adhere to social distancing requirements while in church. We have spaced groups of chairs in the sanctuary so as to abide by this guideline. 


10. Question: Will the church be sanitized before each service?

Answer: We will do our best to make sure high-touch areas in church are sanitized before you arrive. 


11. Question: Do I have to sanitize my hands before I enter the church?

Answer: It is recommended that you sanitize your hands before entering the church. 


12. Question: Will coffee still be available? 

Answer: Yes! We will still have coffee at church in The Harbor Café. However, a barista will be making your coffee to order and social distancing guidelines will be in affect while you are getting your coffee in The Harbor Café. 


13. Question: Can I hang around and talk to my friends before and after church?


Answer: We’re so glad that you have a bunch of friends that you want to talk to at church! However, in order to maintain social distancing guidelines, we’re asking that you don’t gather together for too long to talk with your friends before, during or after church. 



14. Question: Can I have any physical greeting contact with people in church?

Answer: Sorry, but according to social distancing guidelines, we’re not allowed to shake hands, give a fist-pump or hug anyone while we’re at church. 


15. Question: Should I come to church if I’m not feeling well?

Answer: No! If you are not feeling well, we ask that you please stay home. 



16. Who do I contact if I still have a question about attending an in-person Sunday worship service at The Harbor Church?

Answer: You can receive more information about our church reopening by contacting the church office by phone (401) 792-1110 or by email: [email protected]