Current COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated: February 4th, 2021

Newest of the New COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Updated: February 4, 2021

After almost a year of dealing with COVID-19 and the changing CDC and state safety guidelines, we feel it’s now time to update and clarify our church’s policy on COVID-19 safety guidelines. We want to thank all those who contributed their input and hope that this policy will meet your family’s safety needs, help bring a closer oneness to our church family and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


1.    Please wear a mask while entering, exiting, traveling around and greeting in the sanctuary.

2.    Only members of the same household should sit in a given row of chairs. 

3.    Please wear a mask while standing and singing.

4.    Singing without a mask while seated is allowable.

5.    Since we have six-foot spacing, listening to the sermon without wearing a mask is allowable. 

Children’s Church

1.    Please have your children wear a mask to and from Children’s Church.

2.    For added social distancing, Children’s Church will take place in Fellowship Hall. 

3.    Windows in Fellowship Hall we be opened to allow fresh air flow.

4.    Children will be seated at tables spaced at least six feet apart. 

5.    Only children from the same household may sit at the same table. 

6.    Children may take off their masks while seated at the tables. 

7.    Teachers will be wearing masks.

Youth Group

1.    Please wear your mask while entering, exiting and traveling around the church building. 

2.    Each meeting will include supervised, socially distanced mask breaks.

3.    During the small group time, since there is six-foot spacing, students are allowed to remove their masks. 

If you have any questions of clarification on this policy that pertain to your family, we encourage you to please contact one of our church Elders. We love you!