New Territory

For some reason, it’s becoming rather normal for entire churches to stop striding forward with the gospel of Jesus Christ as they instead chose to find contentment in simply holding on tight to what they have already accomplished for God in their local communities. But is that the way it’s supposed to be? Are we not called to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth? Has that command been rescinded?

In Pastor Keith’s new sermon series entitled, “New Territory,” you will find the foundational strategic framework, drawn from both spiritual and military disciplines, that was crucial to Joshua’s conquest of the land of Israel. Each sermon will play its part in helping you understand the theological underpinnings and the corresponding practical application points necessary to allow you to “enlarge your boundaries” for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Be strong, be courageous, and get ready to take, “New Territory.”

What are you waiting for? Series What are you waiting for?

Joel 2:28-32
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

Filled to Follow Series Filled to Follow

Joel 2:28-32
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

Milk and Honey Series Milk and Honey

Numbers 13:25-33
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

Cut to the Heart Series Cut to the Heart

Acts 2:37-41
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

bittersweet Series bittersweet

1 Isaiah 5:20
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

Don't stumble on that block Series Don't stumble on that block

Don't stumble on that block
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

#needasolution Series #needasolution

John 8:21 - 30
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

What Label Are You Wearing? Series What Label Are You Wearing?

Acts 11:25 - 26
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

Our Steadfast Mission Series Our Steadfast Mission

Acts 11:19-26
Pastor Keith

Not so fast Series Not so fast

Joshua 3:1-6
Pastor Keith Mlyniec

02892 Series 02892

Jusha 2
Pastor Keith

R U Prepared? Series R U Prepared?

Jusha 1:9-18
Pastor Keith

Same Mission; New Beginning Series Same Mission; New Beginning

Joshua 1:1-9
Pastor Keith
June 07, 2015