Articles & Papers

Pastor Keith has written a number of short brochure-style articles on a variety of topics of current interest. Below you can find a sample of those writings. To read one, simply click on the title of the description.

Signs & Wonders: Some Christians believe that the spiritual gifts of healing, speaking in tongues, and miracles have ceased while others contend that they continue on in the church today. Does either camp have any Scriptural evidence on which to stand?
Baptism: Did you ever wonder if believer’s baptism was an option for a Christian? Maybe you figured it was kind of like a good idea, but not really necessary? Something you might eventually get around to doing one day, some day? Think again!

The Occult: Have you ever wondered about the impact that the occult has on our society? Really, have you ever considered how the occult may be influencing you? 

Homosexuality: Without a doubt this is the most buzzed about topic in coffee shops, in the media, in the White House and at Boy Scout Leadership meetings. Currently, it's even on the docket of the Supreme Court. Are you able to defend the bibical viewpoint on this one? 
Fornication: As American popular culture continues to push this sin as normal, healthy, and totally acceptiable, Christians need to push back and show from the Bible that it's definitely not.
A Glass of Wine: This is a topic that for some reason gets a different spin depending on whether you live in New England or Europe. Regardless of where you live, you should know what the Bible has to say about it. 

Divorce: According to the latest statistics, over 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Sadly, these numbers hold true for Christian marriages as well. Find out how the concept of “no-fault” lines up with the biblical guidelines for divorce. 

Gluttony: With a national obesity rate of 27% and the number of people who are overweight running at an additional 35% (actually, they're not running),  it's clear that Americans have an eating problem. What relationship does overeating have to do with gluttony? Can a skinny person also be gluttonous? Put down the bag of potato chips and check out what the Bible has to say about this deadly sin. 

Slothfulness: Feeling a bit lazy today? Proverbs has a lot to say on the subject of the "sluggard." It doesn’t matter if instead of "sluggard" you prefer the word slug, sloth, slouch or the more contemporary term “couch potato;” the common denominator is extreme laziness to the core.
Economy of Prayer: Have you ever wondered if there are rules to prayer that you don’t know about? You may be thinking, “How come some people have their prayers answered, but others (like me) don’t?” Could it be that there is a certain system or economy that God has designed into prayer that you have yet to discover? Rest assured, you are not the only one thinking thoughts like these.
Making Plans: Do you have some big decisions to make in your life? Are you one who has life goals, but not quite sure how to see them realized? Many Christians are content to simply say, "Hey, I've read Proverbs 3:5-6 and I'm trusting in God, so I know that everything will somehow turn our fine." But is that all their is to it? Are we called to simply live by faith (and fly by the seat of our pants) or are we also charged to make God-centered, Spirit-guided, and Word-infused plans?
Sunday or Sabbath: Is Sunday the Christian equivalent of the Jewish Sabbath or is it something totally different? Many Christians believe that since Jesus rose from the grave on a Sunday and the early believers met for corporate worship on Sundays, that it’s a special holy day they are required to observe; but is that belief biblically justifiable?